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Dark Rides

November 13, 2018

 I have just returned from a fragrant, pungent and occasionally odiferous trip to the Netherlands. Having recently started helping out at AromaPrime, creators of themed smells for the likes of Alton Towers, I was eager to sniff out new and imaginative ways to tell stories using scent.


 First on my itinerary was Efteling, famed for its detailed fantasy world. This theme park truly understands the...

June 20, 2018

 Kris Van de Sande is a European photographer, well known for his vibrant depictions of themed environments. Many park fans admire how his pictures document physical decoration, but also how they illustrate the raw magic, adventure and immersion that is found among the details of places like Disneyland and Efteling. It is no surprise that theme parks have hired Kris for their own projects:

 “Last w...

April 27, 2018

 In February 2018, I experienced what many would consider to be a dream job- decorating a ghost train! Specifically, this was the refurbishment of a 30 year-old ride at Barry's Amusements park in Northern Ireland. It took a great amount of work from Dorset-based company Dead Walk Designs to transform it from charmingly shoddy to show-stopping...

 As you can see, the ride had next to no theming at all, with black brick hallways...

October 19, 2017

A first-time guest to Disneyland Paris may expect to see nothing but parades, big-eared balloons and humanoid animals wanting to embrace them. Little are they prepared for the sophisticated artistry that's about to suck them up and land them in environments beyond logical comprehension. Few rides are as successful in using their artistry to immerse guests than Disneyland's theatrical masterpiece, Phantom Manor, and the man who...

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